IDDRG 2017 focuses on the general topic of “Materials modelling and testing for sheet metal forming”. In addition to the main conference topics, sessions with a detailed focus on specific aspects and current challenges in the field of sheet metal forming are organized by internationally renowned experts. Please find below a compilation of the mini-symposia subjects with the appropriate chairmen:


Subject Chairmen
Formability of sheet metals Dorel Banabic
Material Modeling Frederic Barlat
Applicability of in-line Controls in Industrial Sheet Metal Forming Processes Pavel Hora
Digitalization in Tooling and Intelligent Tools for Sheet Metal Forming Dirk Landgrebe
Hot Stamping Marion Merklein
Advanced Simulation Methods for Sheet Metal Forming Omer Music, Celalettin Karadogan
Damage and Fracture in Sheet Metal Forming A. Erman Tekkaya, Till Clausmeyer
Low Cost Materials Processing Technologies for Mass Production of Lightweight Vehicles Miklós  Tisza
Friction and Wear in Forming Ton van den Boogaard
Shear Cutting and Blanking Wolfram Volk
Necking and Instability Jeong Yoon, Tom Stoughton, Dirk Mohr


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