Tour 1:

Tool and Press Shop, BMW, Dingolfing

The BMW Group Tool Shop in Dingolfing is responsible for shaping the typical, emotional design of BMW and MINI cars into sheet metal.

Using state-of-the-tech machining and try-out equipment, including servo-technology presses which are equivalent to the presses in the BMW Groups Press Shops, more than 270 highly trained employees are developing, milling and building up to 200 press tools per year. Each one may weigh up to 50 metric tons.

After machining, build-up and try-out, toolmakers are being deployed for home line commissioning worldwide to ensure maximum quality, efficiency and performance for all customers.


The Dingolfing Press Shop is the largest facility of its kind within the BMW Group.

More than 40 press systems produce about 2,500 different parts – from fuel tank caps to side frames, with the sheet thickness ranging from 0.65 to 3 mm.
Two new high-speed servo presses for the production of large-scale body parts help Dingolfing’s press shop to increase its efficiency further and to save resources in production.



Tour 2:

Plant tour, BMW, Munich

The tour at the BMW Group parent plant takes you through all production areas from the press shop to assembly. As a part of the BMW Group’s worldwide production network, the plant in Munich builds more than 950 cars and more than 3,000 engines a day with approximately 7,700 employees from over 50 countries.

The main plant is located in the North of Munich, just a short distance from the conference venue.


Tour 4:

Premium plant tour, MAN Truck & Bus, Munich   

This Premium tour leaves nothing to be wished for and no questions unanswered. You experience the entire production area at the Munich location. You accompany the production track of the MAN trucks from the TGX and TGS series right from the construction of the MAN high-tech chassis over the highly-automated cab shell construction, cab interior fittings and axle assembly through to the finished vehicle.